Mustapha Boujemaoui's biography

Mustapha Boujemaoui was born in 1952 in Ahfir, a province of Oujda, Morocco.

From 1969 to 1972, he studied at the National School of Fine Arts and Architecture of Tetouan before joining the Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels and completing an artistic formation at the Superior School of Fine and Architecture arts, Paris. He also obtained a postgraduate certificate in plastic arts from the University Sorbonne, Paris 1. Upon his return to Morocco in 1982, Mustapha Boujemaoui taught plastic arts in a college in Oujda. He also taught visual arts in 1988 at the Institute of Higher Learning of the Dramatic Arts in Rabat. Since 1989, he is an art professor and teaches in Rabat.

Mustapha Boujemaoui has a special place in Morocco. He prefers to define himself as a researcher painter. He started by being interested in the topic of voyages and the passing of time before multiplying the supports of his art and the materials he uses. Two concepts found in his work are transparency and repetition.

His works can be found, among others, in the collection of the Ministry of Culture (Morocco), the ONA Foundation (Morocco), the Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (Morocco), the Mohammed VI of Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (Morocco).

In 1995, he obtained the UNESCO prize for arts promotion.

Mustapha Boujemaoui lives and works in Rabat.

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