Mohamed El Baz's biography

Mohamed El Baz was born in 1967 in Ksiba, Morocco.

After receiving a national diploma of visual art in 1989 from the regional School of Art of Dunkirk, he succeeded in having, in 1992, the national diploma of plastic expression from the National School of Paris-Cergy. Mohamed continued studying at the Institute of the Advanced Studies in Visual arts in Paris.

Since 1993, Mohamed El Baz carried out a project entitled “Bricoler l’incurable” (literally “knocking up the incurable”). He developed this project in order to cure this world he finds imperfect. The artist becomes a craftsman, and his tools of creation improve his tool box, which never stop evolving. With his works, Mohamed El baz questions the art and artists’ functions but also highlights the society’s ills such as affiliations, difference, social status, the diaspora, relationships with others and to the world. Those themes are very personnel and questions him deeply, but their universality are real.

To Bricoler l’incurable, Mohamed El baz add the word details, to be understood as a part from a whole. Each exhibition is a piece of this whole and the details of his tool box are finding themselves from one place to another and fitting to each new context. A use that can be found redundant and interpret as a lack of imagination but it is in fact a complex artistic research: El baz interrogates them tirelessly to conserve only the good ones, the survivors.

Mohamed El Baz currently divides his time between Casablanca and Lille.

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