Majida Khattari's biography

Majida Khattari was born in 1966 in Erfoud, Morocco.

She began studying art in Casablanca in 1989 and graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1995.

In her photographic work, Majida Khattari recreates "clichés" that dominate orientalist painting. By reconsidering the scenary inspired by orientalist paintings, Majida, at some point, gives the characters contemporaneousness.

Since 1996, Majida Khattari designs fashion objects and clothing sculptures that not only serve covering the body or the self presentation of the wearer, but also prompt her to ask questions, as her sculptural dresses result from her reflections of the condition of women in the Arab world. In parallel, she performs art photography, installations, videos and films.

Majida's work has been shown at numerous international exhibitions such as "Veil, veiling, representation and Contemporary Art" at the New Art gallery Walsall at the Bluecoat and Open Eyes galleries in Liverpool, and "Modern Art" in Oxford in 2003-2004, Heaven in Dusseldorf as well as many others.

Majida Khattari has held a numerous solo and collective exhibitions throughout Casablanca, Paris, Oxford, London, Tokyo, Dusseldorf and New York.

Majida Khattari’s work can be found in the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Pompidou center (Paris), the SAM Project Foundation (Paris), the Louis Vuitton Foundation (Paris), Salsali Museum (Dubai), Contemporary Art Museum (Thessaloniki), among others.

Majida Khattari lives and works in Paris.

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