Group exhibition "Partir"

L'Atelier 21 organizes a group show on migration,  from June 21st to July 31st, 2016

Exhibited artists

Younes Baba Ali
Younes Baba Ali was born in 1986 in Oujda. He graduated from the Advanced School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg in 2008 and from the Advanced School of Fine Arts of Aix-en-Provence in 2011. Younes Baba Ali lives and works between Brussels and Casablanca.

Fouad Bellamine
Fouad Bellamine was born in 1950 in Fès. In 1967, he went to the Casablanca School of Applied Arts and pursued a career in painting. In 1972, Fouad Bellamine's work was exhibited for the first time in Rabat. The same year, he became a plastic arts teacher at the university level. He then completed his education by getting an art diploma from the University of La Sorbonne, Paris 1. Fouad Bellamine lives and works between Paris and Rabat.

Saâd Ben Cheffaj
Saâd Ben Cheffaj was born in 1939 in Tetouan. He is among the first moroccan artists who have had an academic education. He first studied in 1957 at the school of Fine Art and Architecture of Seville, he then took Art history classes at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. He returned to Spain in 1962 and got a teaching qualification from the prestigious school of Santa Isabel of Hungria in Sevilla.  Saâd Ben Cheffaj lives and works in Tetouan.

Mustapha Boujemaoui
Mustapha Boujemaoui was born in 1952 in Ahfir. From 1969 to 1972, he studied at the National Institut of Fine Arts of Tetouan, before joining the Academy of Fine Art of Brussels and the National School of Fine Art of Paris. Mustapha Boujemaoui lives and works in Rabat.

Hassan Darsi
Hassan Darsi was born in 1961 in Casablanca. After 7 years studying at the Superior school of Fine Art of Mons in Belgium, he returned to Morocco in 1989. He lives and works in Casablanca.

Mohamed El Baz
Mohamed El Baz was born in 1967 in Ksiba. After getting his degree in Fine Art from the regional school of Fine Art of Dunkirk in 1989, he succeeded in having, in 1992, the national diploma of plastic expression from the National School of Paris-Cergy. He also Studied at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Visuel Arts in Paris. Mohamed El Baz lives and works between Casablanca and Lille.

Bouchta El Hayani
Bouchta El Hayani was born in 1951 in Taounate. After graduating from the School of Applied Arts of Casablanca in 1972, he joins the Regional educational center of Rabat the same year. Along with his artistic activity, Bouchta El Hayani teaches at the CPR of Rabat and in the National School of Architecture. He lives and works in Rabat.

Wafae Ahalouch El Keriasti
Wafae Ahalouch El Keriasti was born in 1978 in Tangier. She graduated from the Utrecht Art School (Netherlands) where she studied from 1997 to 2001. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

Nabil El Makhloufi
Nabil El Makhloufi was born in 1973 in Fez. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts of Leipzig (Germany), a city famous in Europe for its figurative painting school : The Neue Leipziger Schule. Nabil El Makhloufi lives and works in Leipzig.

 Safaa Erruas
Safaa Erruas was born in 1976 in Tetouan. She graduated from the Fine Arts and Architecture School of Tetouan. Her work is part of prestigious collections. Safaa Erruas currently lives and works in Tetouan.

Mohamed Fariji
Mohamed Fariji was born in 1966 in Casablanca. He graduated from the National Institut of Fine Art of Tetouan and from the Advanced School of Art and Design Llotja of Barcelona. Mohamed Fariji lives and works in Casablanca.

Chourouk Hriech
Chourouk Hriech was born in 1977 in France. She studied at the University Lumière in Lyon where she got a degree in History and Art History. She then went to the Fine Arts and Architecture School of Lyon from where she gratuated in 2002. She lives and works in Marseille.

Majida Khattari
Majida Khattari was born in 1966 in Erfoud. She began studying art in Casablanca in 1989 and graduated in 1995 from the School of Fine Art of Paris. Majida Khattari lives and works in Paris.

Fouad Maazouz
Fouad Maazouz was born in 1977 in Casablanca. He pursued many trainings and took many classes in various institutes and schools of photography and graphic design in Morocco, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and in the US.

Najia Mehadji
Najia Mehadji was born in 1950 in Paris. She  gratuated from the University la Sorbonne - Paris 1, where she defended her thesis on Paul Cezanne. She also graduated from the Fine Art School of Paris. Najia Mehadji lives between Paris and Essaouira.

Houssein Miloudi
Houssein Miloudi was born in 1945 in Essaouira. After obtaining his plastic art diploma from the School o Fine Art of Casablanca, he went to the School of Fine Art of Paris. He lives and works in Essaouira.

Zakaria Ramhani
Zakaria Ramhani was born in 1983 in Tangier. He got his teaching diploma in plastic art but soon gave up formal education to devote himself to his art. Zakaria Ramhani lives and works in Montreal.

Mariam Abouzid Souali
Mariam Abouzid Souali was born in 1989 in Targuist. She graduated from the National Institute of Fine Art of Tetouan. She is currently pursuing her doctoral research at the University Abdelmalek Essaâdi, where she was awarded the fulbright scholarship to continue her research work in Bryn Mawr college in the state of Pennsylvania in the USA.

Yamou was born in 1959 in Casablanca. He has an art education from the University Toulouse-Le-Mirail and a postgraduate certificate in sociology from La Sorbonne Paris 1. Yamou divides his time between Paris and Tahannaout.


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