Yamou's biography

Yamou was born in 1959 in Casablanca

Student at la Sorbonne, Yamou graduated with a degree in Moroccan contemporary art. In the late 80’s, he sets up his workshop in the Parisian suburb and begins his aesthetic adventure.

From his early paintings, nature is in the center of his artistic preoccupation, in the mediums that he uses as in the subjects he depicts, abstract as well as figurative. He creates a pictorial garden of which he infinitely exploits all the possibilities.

The artist grows plants in his works, as to turn them in living space. It is not so much the landscape mastery that motivates his approach than the dive into details. To depict the floral kingdom, he represents interlacing of lianas or stems, germinations, foliage, pistils, corollas and fruits, and, finally, goes back to the seed. Sometimes leafy, sometimes barren, plants give peaceful strength to Yamou’s paintings and evolve, weightlessly, in his pictorial world.

Yamou also creates sculptures. His characters shaped like cactus and covered in nails were acclaimed by international art magazines. In his recent paintings, the artist takes a keen interest in the organic world. Petals and corolla seem to be examined through the microscope that are Yamou’s eyes, in order to reveal their inside luxuriance. Yamou has never been so closed to the frontier separating figurative from abstraction.

Yamou lives and works between Paris and Tahannaout.

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