Saâd Ben Cheffaj's biography

Saâd Ben Cheffaj was born in 1939 in Tétouan, Morocco.

Saâd Ben Cheffaj is among the first Moroccan artists to receive an academic training in visual arts. He first studied in 1957 at the School of Fine Arts and Architecture of Seville and then took art history classes at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. He returned to Spain in 1962 and received a teaching certification from the prestigious School Santa Isabel de Hungria. In 1965, Saâd Ben Cheffaj returned to Morocco to teach art history, drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts and Architecture of Tétouan.

In 1956, Saâd Ben Cheffaj’s work was exhibited for the first time. Since then he never stopped painting. He was inspired by all artistic genres—figurative, expressionism, neorealism and abstract art—which led him to this earthy painting, both bright and dark, that characterizes his recent works.

From 1960 onwards, Ben Cheffaj has held numerous solo and collective exhibitions throughout Morocco, Spain, France, Peru, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. His work can be found, among others, in the permanent collection of Fondation Cartier, Paris (France) and the Kamel Lazaar Foundation, Geneva (Switzerland).

He lives and works in Tétouan, Morocco.

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