Najia Mehadji's biography

Najia Mehadji was born in 1950 in Paris, France.

Since the 80’s, Mehadji’s work achieves a synthesis between a contemporary art that renews painting and some elements of Islamic art such as the dome, the polygon, the floral, the arabesque or the calligraphy, in favour of new concepts and new forms in which the artist invents her own style. She grew up spending her childhood and teenage years between Paris and Fez, the town of her origins. She graduated from the University Paris 1 Sorbonne where she defended a dissertation on Paul Cézanne. She also graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Paris. Since 1985, she is dividing her time between her Paris and Essaouira studios.

Najia Mehadji’s work has been recently exhibited in a retrospective, La trace et le souffle, at the Museum of Modern Art, Céret, France (2018), L’invention du geste, at L’Atelier 21, Casablanca, Morocco (2018), and Al Musiqa, Paris Philharmonic, France (2018). In 2019, the ONA Foundation organized the first retrospective of Najia’s work in Morocco : Le trait et la forme, 1985 - 2018 at la Villa des Arts of Casablanca and Le flux et la danse, 2011 - 2018, at la Villa des Arts of Rabat.

Najia Mehadji’s work can be found, among othersin the permanent collection of the Arab World Institute, Paris (France), the National Fund of Contemporary Art, Paris (France), the Georges-Pompidou Center, Paris (France), as well as the Museum of Fine Arts of Amman (Jordan)...

She lives and works between Paris and Essaouira.

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