Mohammed Chabaa's biography

Mohammed Chabâa was born in 1935 in Tangier.

After obtaining his diploma in 1955 from the Fine Arts and Architecture School of Tetouan, he left for Italy so to pursue, from 1962 to 1964, studies at the Art Academy of Rome. Upon his return to Morocco, he taught plastic arts at the Fine Arts School of Casablanca. Former director of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan from 1994 to 1998, Mohammed Chabâa is one of the great figures of modern painting in Morocco.

Mohammed Chabâa held brave positions on the identity of Moroccan painting in the magazine Souffles. He is one of those who vigorously insisted on introducing traditional Moroccan elements in paintings. He recommended as well to integrate paintings into urban areas. The initiative he carried out in 1969, with other artists in Jemaa El Fna square, in Marrakech, is still cited as an example.

Both lyric and geometric, Mohammed Chabâa’s abstract art prevails in his painting but also includes elements of the outside world.

He has published essays on Moroccan painting and taught at the National School of Architecture in Rabat.

His works can be found, among others, in the collection of the Bank Al-Maghreb (Morocco), the ONA Foundation (Morocco), The Mohammed IV Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (Morocco), The Ministry of Culture (Morocco) and the Barjeel Collection (United Arab Emirates).

Mohammed Chabâa died in 2013.

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