M'barek Bouhchichi's biography

M'barek Bouhchichi  was born in 1975 in  Akka, Morocco.  He holds a baccalaureate in plastic arts and has taught in this discipline since 1996 in Tiznit, Morocco.

M'barek Bouhchichi made a name for himself in the  abstract painting. He has found a langage that distinguishes  his paintings  and their originality. He has an absolute mastery of his art and his precise gesture does not hinder the fresh colors of his paintings.

M'barek  Bouhchichi is considered as one of the best painter of the new generation. He has already participated to biennal events and international fairs.

Entitled  "Non-lieu",  his last exhibition at L'Atelier 21 art gallery in June 2009 showed an evolution in his work in the sense that there is a maturity in the treatment of the space in the canvas. The paintings are more refined and based on a dialogue between the empty and the full.

M'barek Bouhchichi  lives and works in Tiznit.

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