Larbi Cherkaoui's biography

Larbi Cherkaoui was born in 1972 in Marrakech.

A graduate in plastic arts, Larbi Cherkaoui is also a laureate of the Regional Pedagogical Center of the city of Marrakech. Slow, patient and meticulous work is elevated to the rank of priesthood for this artist for whom creating a plastic work is a form of prayer.

Painter and calligrapher, Larbi Cherkaoui stands out in the Moroccan art scene by his ability to use traditional media that he exploits to reveal bold research sometimes mixing Arabic calligraphy and abstract gestures. He also works on accumulation, so that letters give way to movement.

The skin is the artist's preferred medium. Some of his recent works are presented as puzzles or small rectangles covered with skin, which the artist dyes with henna to create compositions where entangled letters impose presence, a prerogative of inhabited artists.

As an extension of his calligraphic preoccupations, Larbi Cherkaoui also uses digital tools, sharing his technique of the letter in a contemporary spirit. The artist confronts the traditional supports made of skins with those he makes from electronic circuits.

The artist's work has been praised by art critics including Jean-François Clément who writes: "Larbi Cherkaoui is a master in the art of mixing genres. He accumulates experiences and is constantly increasing his mastery of techniques. There is an inner necessity that pushes him to evolve, to never use the same concepts. "He adds: "The calligrapher can never be overwhelmed by the words he writes. He always retains a freedom that is expressed by the gesture when it begins to distance itself from its only mechanical memory to become a creative memory. »

Larbi Cherkaoui lives and works in Marrakech.

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