Hossein Tallal's biography

Hossein Tallal was born in 1942 in Casablanca.

His practice of painting began during his years of training in ironwork at the Casablanca Vocational School. He moved to Paris in the sixties where he painted and frequented the artistic circles of the time, notably with the Moroccan painter Ahmed Cherkaoui. His participation in the Marrakech Winter Salon in 1965 earned him first prize and his first solo exhibition took place two years later at the "La Roue" gallery in Paris. Since then, he has taken part in several exhibitions throughout the world, in Spain, Denmark, the United States and Egypt.

Crossing various creative periods and using both painting and drawing, Hossein Tallal draws on fundamental themes such as solitude, melancholy and the body to show series of singular power, notably the series Cirque oublié and Portraits imaginaires. His painting, of a troubling force, contrasts the stripped environment surrounding his characters with the power of the colours that dress them. A work of new figuration, she touches on the fantastic to address existential issues.

Hossein Tallal's works have been included in prestigious collections including Société Générale (Morocco), Fondation Attijariwafa bank (Morocco), Akwa Group and Maroc Télécom.

Hossein Tallal lives and works in Casablanca.

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