Hassani's biography

Saad Hassani was born in Rabat in 1948.

Self-taught artist, he forged his personality by meetings others and numerous trips he made.

He first exhibited in Morocco in 1967.

Hassani has evolved from a figurative expressionism to a more abstract expressionism.

En 1970, Hassani equipped the first town house to host foreign artists. This place will soon become a meeting place between painters, poets and intellectuals. Two years later, he sold his paintings, furniture, destroyed its sketches and moved to Casablanca in a motel room, facing the sea.

In 1980, he exhibited in one of the most prestigious place in Europe: The Miro Foundation in Madrid.

In 1992, he carried out a monumental artwork, a 210 m2 sail for the Universal exhibition of Lisbon in 1998.

Hassani lives and works currently in Casablanca.

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