"Art is the shortest path from man to man." André Malraux

In order to comply with the confinement measures, L’Atelier 21 has closed its doors to the public. However, we continue our mission of promoting plastic arts on a daily basis. In particular by maintaining, via our social networks and our newsletters, the precious link that binds us together.

As it is necessary to reinvent ourselves in times of crisis and it is essential for us to maintain an exchange, every Monday an artist from L'Atelier 21 shares with you his daily life and thoughts of the moment.

In the same vein, the inauguration of the virtual exhibition Voisinages, which ties modern and contemporary art in Morocco, is part of the same approach. Through this unifying approach, we celebrate the dialogue of works of seventeen of our artists. From simple encounter to fusion, Voisinages exhibition shows perceptible or invisible similarities, but also disagreements that produce sense.

 Creation, culture and art have never had a greater place than in those uncertain times. To stay connected to creativity. To hear artists' messages of hope.

We wish you an excellent moment of discovery.

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